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Amish Restaurant with Buffet in Mt Hope, Ohio Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen, the best Amish homestyle cookin' in Ohio's Amish Country


Far away through the haze of sleep I hear my alarm clock going off, could it be morning already? Guess I should have hit the sack a little earlier last night. Well, I’d better get up and get moving, another early start to a busy day. I’m headed to Mt. Hope to run all the errands I’ve been putting off. To go with me, you’ll need to get up early, 4:15 to be exact. My day starts with a load of laundry and then a quick batch of chocolate chip cookies for the grandchildren. I can get ready in between getting the cookies out of the oven. I’d better use a timer to avoid burnt cookies. It is now 6:45, time to head out. I get to Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen just as they are opening the doors, there’s nothing like a good hearty breakfast to get the day started right. I think I will fill up on corn mush and tomato gravy from the breakfast buffet. Paul makes the best tomato gravy! Yum Yum! Now that breakfast is over it’s on to the auction barn to get some eggs. I look up Ivan and leave my order with him since I won’t be around when they are being sold. I move on to the Agri Center to pick up some birdseed, after a nice chat with Howard Nussbaum, the owner, and his wife Ruth, it’s time to move on. I wave to their daughter Amy, who works there, on the way out. Next I need to find a new book, so I stop at the Book Shanty to see if Mary Yoder has it available. I always enjoy going to the Book Shanty, as it’s an important piece of Mt. Hope history that I was able to help preserve. It was originally a Doctors office, and thenOhio Amish Country dining in later years it was home to the Mt. Hope Post Office. Got my book, so it’s on to the Mt. Hope Elevator, which was just recently purchased by Duane Hord from Bucyrus. Him and his wife are also part-time Mt. Hope residents with a house on Salt Creek road. I pick up two bags of dog food and a bag of cat food. Jason Beachy, who leases the elevator, loads my purchases for me and it’s off to Mt. Hope Fabrics. I want to pick up some gift certificates, get a few birthday cards, and some fabric for a baby gift. Sanford and Freda Yoder are in so I chat with them for a while, they have done some remodeling in the store and it looks great. If you haven’t been in for a while stop in and see the changes. While I’m still parked I head across the street to the Killbuck Savings Bank to pay my lock box rent. Kurt Stutzman, the bank manager, was in and I congratulated him as his daughter was chosen homecoming queen at Waynedale high school. Talked a bit with Rosanna and Joanna, but I’d better keep Ohio Amish Country diningmoving. As we head out to Homestead Furniture, I need to point out the high-rise building to the right that towers over Mt. Hope like the Empire State building. Wayne Dalton was started in a small blacksmith shop by Ervin Hostetler and Emmanuel Mullet. They employed nearly all local people, but now a Japanese firm owns it, and not many locals are employed there anymore. Here we are at Homestead Furniture, Ernie Hershberger, the owner, wasn’t there, so I talked to Paul Yoder the salesman. I am in need of a new recliner, but couldn’t make up my mind, so I decided to wait. Amish Restaurant in OhioWent across the road to Dutch Designs to see if Ernie was there, but his daughter RoseAnn said he was in a meeting, so I decided I would come back tomorrow and try again. Next I headed out to Stone Barn Furniture to pick up some place mats to match the tablecloth I had purchased earlier. Found just what I needed and browsed a little,looking at all their beautiful designs. Got some good ideas for decorating at home, too many in fact! So I’m off again with a quick stop at Country Corners greenhouse, I want some new houseplants and also some seeds for the early spring garden. By the time I walked out I had purchased two really nice houseplants, four African Violets, plant stakes for the grandchildren, and plenty of seeds. Country Corners always has a lot of interesting garden items. The greenhouse is owned and operated by Ben and Sovilla Miller. If you stop in, ask them about their interesting bike trip to Florida. Very exciting!Well we’ve got to keep moving if we want to cover the rest of Mt. Hope. Mt. Hope Amish Cooking in Mt Hope, OhioHardware is the next stop; Join me in the next issue as I continue my day in Mt. Hope, I’ve got at least 9 more stops to make. See you then…Ohio Amish Country Dining Buffet


Amish Restaurant with Buffet in Mt Hope, Ohio

8101 State Route 241 Mt Hope, OH 44660

Phone: (330) 674-0922

Restaurant Hours:
Monday - Saturday 7 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Closed Sunday

Email Us: info@mrsyoderskitchen.com

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