April 2016 Newsletter

Amish Fried Chicken in Ohio

Your Responses - Thanks to all of you that responded to my newsletter; it has turned into quite a hot topic. So far there have been more negative responses than positive. One gentleman shared with me how he feels computers and electronics are ruining society in today’s world. Instead of family time, everyone is in their own little world immersed in their devices. When he was a young boy growing up, Sunday afternoon was when everyone gathered around the dining room table and played board games. It was usually quite a riot; but best of all, it was togetherness, lots of fun, and made for some great memories.

Another response I received was how letter writing has been replaced by texting. This gentleman said when he was in the military, one of the things he looked forward to most was mail call. Holding and reading that letter from home felt almost like his mother was standing right there next to him and talking with him. Whenever things seemed bleak he would pull out those letters and read them over and over again. To this day, he still has most of the letters that he received from home. Another example of texting taking over our lives comes from my cousin, who has a daughter that teaches school in Texas. One of her students was busy on her phone and walked right into an open door and broke her nose. She also said that when she gives her class some free time to do as they wish, her room becomes silent as everyone grabs their phones instead of talking and having conversation with each other. Is this socializing? How do they even become acquainted with each other?

Another aspect of this texting is downright dangerous. This teacher shared how the number of accidents in the parking lot after school is skyrocketing. Kids are texting instead of paying attention to where they’re driving and keeping an eye out for other cars pulling out. The faculty is at the point where they wait until the students have left before they even attempt to leave themselves, just to avoid the craziness. Another troubling problem that she sees arising is that the students are now speaking the way they text. For example, instead of saying, “I want to come with you”, now they simply say, “come with”. Is it really that hard to say those four extra words! Or instead of actually laughing at something, they’ll just say “lol” instead. I just shake my head sometimes. Keep those letters coming, I enjoy all of them. I haven’t received any from the younger generation yet. I’ll continue writing on this topic if I keep receiving your feedback.

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