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Amish Restaurant in OhioMeet our Managers

Laura Mae Van Pelt
Laura Mae came to Mrs. Yoder’s from Columbiana. She moved to this area because she was looking for something different. She lives at Picket Place in Berlin. She enjoys working outside in her flower beds, and shopping. She loves working at Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen and meeting all the wonderful people that come in. Before she worked at Mrs. Yoder’s she worked at the Dutch House in Columbiana for 13 years and then at Peight’s Place in Berlin for four years. Glad to have you on our team. Thanks Laura Mae.

John Raber
Our next-door neighbor, John Raber, has been a great addition to Mrs. Yoder’s. John also has a sideline occupation that he’s been doing in his spare time for the past 12 years. He makes and sells M & J Liniment, an oil based ointment used for an open wound for animals. John’s dad, Jonas, started making this product in the late 1960’s and his secret family recipe is still being made today. Jonas got the original recipe from a horse trader in Kentucky. He started in slowly, doing no advertising, relying instead on word of mouth. After several years one of the main ingredients was discontinued; however one night in bed he thought of another ingredient that might work. He tried it and wouldn’t you know, it worked better than the original.
When John’s dad had a stroke, his mom and sister took over the business. In 2001, John and Ruth moved to Mt. Hope to help take care of his elderly parents. When both his parents passed away, the family wanted to keep the business going so John took over and now tends to it in his spare time. Their business has grown and they are shipping to 22 states, the profit is then shared amongst all the family members. A humorous incident occurred when a group of ladies were discussing M & J Liniment within earshot of John, one of the ladies exclaimed that this liniment is the best thing she’s ever used for dandruff, John got a chuckle out of that, but says he wouldn’t recommend it!

Robert Burkholder
Besides being in the kitchen at Mrs. Yoder’s, Robert’s great passion is being on the water in his boat with a rod and reel. Robert and his fishing companion, Marion, are former champs of the Ohio Walleye Cup. They took the trophy in 2009 and again in 2011. After taking a year off they are once again back in action and are in great position to make another run at it. We’re all rooting for him! We do our best to keep him busy here though, for if we allowed him any more free time he’d be on the lake a lot more and his wife, Laura, would see a lot less of him.

Trent Yoder
Trent started out in the dish room at Mrs. Yoder’s soon out of high school. He now works two nights a week as manager in addition to running Yoder’s Amish Home, a tourist attraction on state route 515. He does some farming at the Amish Home along with raising beef cattle. Trent and his wife Michelle have two children, Reno, age 8 and Joplin, age 6. In his spare time he tinkers with old cars, rides his Harley, and enjoys sailing.

Jonas Kaufman
Jonas is our newest member in management here at Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen. He just started in May 2013, and comes to us from Green Acres Furniture. Jonas hails from the Sugarcreek area and currently resides in Dundee. Welcome aboard Jonas, we’re glad to have you!

Memories of MomMrs. Yoders Restaurant in Ohio's Amish Country celebrates Mother's Day
I know that by the time you read this Mother’s Day will be past, but it is never to late to thank your mother for all the things she has done, and the many sacrifices she has made for you. We have a special day set aside to honor our mothers, but we need to honor her every day. The greatest gift you can ever give your mother is to tell her you love her and to thank her for what you have. That means more than diamonds or roses. Although my mother has gone on to greater rewards, she left me with precious memories and taught me many things. She taught me to have patience and always look for the good in people. She taught me the art of canning and gardening. I remember sitting out under the shade tree with her shelling peas or snapping beans and she would tell me about her growing up years. There were lazy summer days of playing in the creek, throwing a snake at her brother and having neighborhood taffy pulls and spelling bees at school. We were always talking and communicating. After my dad passed away she lived with us for 23 years. She was a vital part of our family; one of her favorite things to do was wash the dishes by hand, even though I had a dishwasher, and then I would dry them. During this time she always wanted to know about my day and what I did, and if anything new was happening. As her eyesight worsened, we switched places and I washed while she dried. Although I wasn’t always in the mood to do dishes at the end of a long day it was our special time together and I cherish every minute. Thanks mom, and I love you. Happy Mother’s Day!



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