June 2016 Newsletter

Amish Dining in Mount Hope Ohio

Last month I wrote about quilting becoming a lost art. I thank you for all the comments and letters I received, most people agreed with me. There was, however, one lady who disagreed with me. Her church quiltings are still going strong. There are about nine ladies, mostly widows, who meet at the church three to four times a week and quilt for a couple hours then go out for lunch afterward. She said it is good to get out of bed in the morning and have a place to go and socialize. I say, good for them, it will keep them young! I think there is something else that’s becoming a lost art and that is gardening, canning, and cooking. It all centers around time. Working mothers have a hard time staying caught up with laundry, keeping the house clean, and running the children around to all their sporting events or club meetings. We didn’t used to be so busy as a society. But as people rely more and more on two incomes to make ends meet, I don’t see anything changing. I remember at home, dad would get the garden ready and mom and I would do all the planting, weeding, and hoeing. Mom would take one row and I the next, and we would talk as we worked. It made the workload light and fulfilling. I loved that feeling of satisfaction when the job was finished. I loved to watch as the seedlings popped through the ground, and then as the plants grew and matured until finally it was ready for harvest, which meant canning and freezing time. I enjoyed the time my mom spent teaching me the art of preserving foods, she never viewed it as such, as it was simply a job that needed to be done and I was her helper.

Another challenge today’s busy women face is coming home from a hard day’s work and trying to get a nutritious, well balanced meal on the table for the family. When you are tired and stressed out it’s not easy. It takes time, effort, and planning ahead. Crock pots help out, but things don’t always materialize the way you envision them. It becomes easy and convenient to just go and buy dinner. Have you ever been at Beuhler’s or Rhode’s at dinner time and seen the amount of meals they’re sending out to-go, or at one of the fast food places and the entire family is dining out together. This can easily -become a habit. What was once a luxury has now become the norm. Even today’s mom could quickly put a healthy dinner on the table if the basement was stocked with home canned meats, vegetables, applesauce, potatoes, and soups. What would be a huge timesaver is simply not available because it takes time and effort to prepare and can all these things. The sad thing is that the next generation of women will grow up without home canned goods even being a part of their lives, so it will become a lost art all too soon. Times have changed, but we can choose if we want to change with it.

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