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Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen, the best Amish homestyle cookin' in Ohio's Amish CountryFamily Time

Family time, what is it? How do we define it in this day and age? Do we even have family time anymore? With our busy work schedules and multitude of school activities and sports, how often do we sit down as a family and enjoy a meal together? As a youngster growing up, there were very few times that we were not all at the table for the evening meal. Dinner time is where everyone shared the day’s happenings, funny stories were told, and even the sad happenings didn’t seem quite as bad when shared with the rest of the family around the dinner table. I recently talked with a mother whose son plays most of the sports at school, and she admitted it is really hard to get the whole family to the dinner table at the same time. Sunday is about the only day they have this opportunity; but as an alternative they sometimes sit down and enjoy a snack together after one of his games, this has proven to be a relaxing time for them to share their day with each other, and just enjoy each other’s company.

Something else that has invaded family time is texting and smart phones. While dining at IHOP, I observed a family with three children at the table beside us. The father was reading a newspaper, the mother was engrossed in her smart phone, texting away, while the children were trying to talk with them, sadly neither parent hardly even acknowledged them. What kind of memories does that make? I also noticed a husband and wife both lost in their phones during their entire meal. I don’t think one word was spoken between them until they got up to leave, and then I did hear them say goodbye as they each went their separate ways. What a lost opportunity to connect with each other. It seems to me, the more “connected” we become through technology, the more disconnected we become with our family and loved ones. I overheard a young boy asking the hostess here at Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen if they could be seated near the TV. I imagine he was quite surprised to find out that this restaurant doesn’t have a television.

It is magical how sitting down at the table and enjoying a meal with others can change your mood, and be a relaxing fun time. Communicating with each other, sharing stories, close family ties, and fond memories; this is what can beAmish Cooking in Mt Hope, Ohio achieved by sharing a family meal together. So slow down, put those phones away, and make it a point to eat together and enjoy each other. You will never regret it!


Well, here we are again! March has rolled in, and we are gearing up for the Souper Salad Bar once more. My, how time does go by ever so quickly. Everyone is talking about the winter we have had, so I’m not going to! If you live around here you will know all about it. I will, however, mention the phenomenon of snow rollers. I have never witnessed them before, and they were simply amazing to me. I am quite happy to move from snow rollers to seed catalogs though. My garden is taking shape in my mind and I’m itching to get started. I am concerned about how some of my perennials and shrubs withstood the harsh winter. I guess I will find out how they fared this spring. On the flip side, the long, cold winter gave me ample time to catch up on some reading, and to try out some new recipes. One of my favorites was the Orange Crush Salad, a great dish for the warm summer months coming up. I hope you have some new recipes or perhaps some old-time favorites ready to share with us. Send them in and if we use them, you will be our special guest that evening and your meal will be free!Amish Cooking in Mt Hope, Ohio

Family Ties

Family ties are special things Woven through the years Of memories of togetherness, Of laughter, love and tears.

Family ties are cherished things, Forged in childhood days By love of parents, deep and true And sweet familiar ways.

Family ties are treasured things And far though, we may roam, The tender bonds with those we love Still pulls our hearts toward home. -unknown

Irish Buffet at Mrs. Yoder's Restaurnat in Ohio

Quiche - quick and easy

1 tube Crescent Rolls
4 slices Swiss cheese
5-6 eggs
1 cup sour cream
½ lb. shaved ham
1 small diced onion

Line a 10” pie pan with crescent rolls, then Swiss cheese. Beat eggs with sour cream, stir in ham and onions, pour on top of cheese. Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes. Let sit 5-10 minutes before cutting.

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