March 2016 Newsletter

Mrs Yoders Restaurant in Amish Country, Ohio

The Days of Yesteryear - It’s that time of year again, how often have I wrote this in the first newsletter of the year, but time has a way of flying by, or rolling around, or marching onward; no matter which phrase suits your fancy, it’s a year later yet again. We spent the Christmas holidays in Florida with the family this year. Warmest Christmas ever for me; 87°.

While sitting at the breakfast table one morning with the grandkids they wondered if Grampy and Grammy had to milk the cow first thing in the morning in order to have milk for their cereal. In their young eyes we are considered very old, almost ancient. So it was story time. When we were their age, yes we had one family cow and Eli’s family had a small herd, and no, we did not use warm, fresh milk in our cereal. Bleh! I told them however, that in 1968, when we were first married, how Roscoe Weaver, the Goshen Dairy milkman would come rumbling in our driveway with his milk truck three days a week and we would buy milk, ice cream, and any other dairy products that we needed.

This was very hard for them to comprehend and it opened up a barrel of questions, which led to us telling them about the Nickle’s bread truck coming to our house when I was their age. We bought bread, baked goods, including those oh so tasty Maple Twist Rolls, and at Christmas time Mom always bought a fruitcake. Funny thing, she was the only one that liked it, so she got to eat the whole thing herself. My favorite treat was their yummy glazed donuts. The kids wondered if the bread was fresh, since it rode around in the truck all day. And they were surprised that Maple Twist Rolls had existed way back then. (Another reminder of old age).

This long discussion got me thinking of some of the things of yesteryear that we no longer see today. There was the Watkins man, who came door to door selling soaps, cleaners, and a seemingly endless array of spices in those signature metal containers. While he no longer goes door to door, he still sets up a stand at the Mt. Hope auction on Wednesdays, and I still use the vanilla just like my mom always did. There was also the McNess man who made his rounds every couple of weeks. He had the best Lemon Pie filling around and mom would always buy enough for a couple of pies. I loved to eat it while it was still warm, oh if only I could have a piece right now. I don’t know if there are still McNess products around as I haven’t seen any for years.

Then there were the school kids who sold Cloverine salve, which is still available for purchase in local country stores, and the neighbor boy who came by every week with The Grit newspaper. I remember when in grade school we would get a box of an assortment of seeds to sell the way they now sell candy bars or magazines. Can you imagine if they tried to sell seeds nowadays? People don’t have gardens the way they used to. Think about some of the memories that you have and let me know, I want to hear from you! Write a short story, send it in, and we’ll publish them in an upcoming edition. Three ways to get your story to me, mail it to: Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen PO Box 115, Mt. Hope OH 44660; Email:, or give it to a hostess when you come in. I can’t wait to read your stories!

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