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Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen, the best Amish homestyle cookin' in Ohio's Amish Country


Mrs' Yoder's Kitchen is located in a quaint lil Amish Town, Mt Hope, OhioWelcome back readers, it’s time to continue our day in the big little town of Mt. Hope. I am on my way back into town, having just finished at the greenhouse. I’m headed for the Mt. Hope Hardware to pick up some paint for the garage. Christina suggested what type I should get so I picked out what color I wanted. The manager, John Steiner, whizzed by and said my previous order had come in so I could take that along home today. Tim Mast loaded everything for me and I was about to leave when I remembered I had my birthday cards to mail, I quickly addressed them and hurried over to the post office, mailed my cards and talked with Logan for a bit. He was wondering what kind of soup was on special today at the restaurant.

Since I was still parked at the hardware, I decided to pick up some cheese and lunch meat at the Mt. Hope Health Food Store. I got three different kinds of cheese, sliced bologna, a bag of candy, and some veggie chips; said hi to Elsie, the manager, on the way out, and trekked back to my car. On the way back I walked past Dr. Abbe’s chiropractor office. Before we finish the rest of the tour, we need to check out some of the newer businesses.

I now head west on state route 241, just out of town at the bottom of McClure hill we turn right and stop at the Faith View Book store. I want to pick up a CD from our local group, The Mt. Hope Girls, and as usual I ended up getting a few additional CD’s and also a new book. I discussed with Merle about having the Mt. Hope girls sing for our annual Sundown Sale, which will be on June 14th. Mark your calendars, and be sure to get your name in at all the merchants, we’ll be giving away some fantastic prizes.
Laugh A Lot - Mrs. Yoders Kitchen, Amish Homestyle Cookin in Mt. Hope, Ohio

Well, we are off again, back onto 241 and continue heading west to the Trading Post. I have some clothes and bedding to donate to the store. All of their proceeds go toward helping a boys camp. I saw Tim Miller, the manager, so I talked with him for a bit. He thanked me for my donation and said they are always glad for every donation they get, no matter how big or small. I went directly across the road to Holmes Power and checked on a new weed-eater, I purchased it and looked around, I guess that’s all I need here, it sure is a nice store, but everything looks like it involves a lot of work, I’m just glad I’m still able to do it!

Now we are heading back east on state route 241, just at the top of McClure hill we turn right on 362. We are headed for Jr. Bowman’s. I had bought a laundry cart for a nephew’s wedding and I need to pay for it. Jr. wanted to know what I had been up today, and could hardly believe all the places I had been thus far, and I’m not finished yet. I hurried out and headed back towards town.

Next stop is the Country Mart, where I need to pick up some laundry detergent and snacks, I didn’t see Dan, the owner, so I paid for my purchases and moved on. My money is running low, so I pulled into the newest business in town, the Farmer’s Citizen’s Bank. I cashed my check and talked to Dakota the bank manager and got acquainted with all the tellers. The next stop is Mt. Hope Shoe & Harness where I ran into Marty Yoder in the shoe department, but I don’t need harness or shoes, I’m here for patterns and quilt fabric at the Lone Star Quilt Shop, which is located in the same building. I picked out fabric for a wall hanger, a large quilt, and also several new patterns. One specific pattern was for an apron that was designed by Ervin and Sarah’s granddaughter, Amy Miller. I love aprons so I’m anxious to get started on this one. I’m glad I cashed my check for I always find more than I anticipate at this store.

Mother's Love - Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen uses grandma's traditional recipes for a delicious homestyle meal.One more stop and that is at Keim Bros. I need Rook cards and a Bible Memory game that I intend to give as a birthday gift, and as usual I found a lot more than I came in for. I love to look around this store as I always find new and interesting things. Talked with Lizzie Keim who was working that day, the store is owned by her daughter and son-in-law, Marvin and MaryAnn Troyer.

Well this is the last stop and it’s time I head off to the school to pick up the grandchildren, then back home to enjoy those chocolate chip cookies I baked early this morning. For dinner tonight we’re headed back to Mrs. Yoder’s for the Souper Salad Bar. Tonight we are having rivel soup, tomato basil soup, Broasted chicken, boozy wienies, salad, salads, and more salad. We have to save a little room for the fantastic dessert table, loaded with puddings, cakes, and pie. After a day of shopping in Mt. Hope, I am HUNGRY! Thank you for going with me on a tour of Mt. Hope, I invite you back again and be sure to stop at Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen and say hi, I will be looking for you.


Amish Restaurant with Buffet in Mt Hope, Ohio

8101 State Route 241 Mt Hope, OH 44660

Phone: (330) 674-0922

Restaurant Hours:
Monday - Saturday 7 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Closed Sunday

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