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Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen, the best Amish homestyle cookin' in Ohio's Amish Country

Times change, and we need to change with them. Sometimes the change is for the good, sometimes not so good. This article will probably giveMrs Yoder's Restaurant monthly restaurant news away my youthful age??? I was visiting a church in the area and was struck by how much haSouper Salad Bar Prizes from Mrs Yoders Restaurants changed in just the short time since I was growing up. As a small child, I sat between my parents and was expected to sit quietly, if not, I got a stern look or a sharp poke in the side and I knew what that meant! There was no such thing as carrying water bottles or coffee mugs with you, much less having an actual coffee station within the church. Before leaving the house at home I was instructed to Go To The Bathroom, because there was no getting up halfway through the service to use the restroom. Another thing that has really changed is the clothes, I remember always being decked out in our Sunday best, not that we Raspberry Cream Cake recipe from Mrs. Yoder's Restaurantwere trying to outdo anyone, but simply out of respect. Dresses were the rule, and a hat and gloves were a must! The men wore suits and ties, not jeans and t-shirts. At the church we attended, the teenagers wore faded, fraying jeans with holes everywhere, I guess you would call this ˈHoly Attire.ˉ It seemed like everyone had either a cup of coffee or a water bottle in their hand, but I guess the main thing is, they were in church and worshiping the Lord. My mom and dad always said that clothes won't get you to Heaven, but they would have been shocked to see holes in faded blue jeans, ladies in pant suits, and everybody drinking coffee in church. Times have surely changed!

Send in those recipes, and the night we feature your recipe, your meal is on the house!

Don’t forget, you get a ticket to enter in our drawing for a chance to win the prizes listed above each time you order the Souper Salad Bar. Drawing will be held after the finale on June 25th .

Mrs Yoder's restaurant newsletterRiddle from Mrs Yoders Restaurant in Amish Country, OhioMrs Yoders Restaurant uses only local recipes


Corn Chip Salad Recipe from Mrs Yoders Restaurant in Ohio


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